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NOOK customers are not your typical tablet customers. They are more likely to be female and love the friendly experience of walking into a retail store to touch and experience the product. They purchase apps based on sales associate recommendations—and since nearly all of our US customers live within 15 miles of a Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart or other NOOK retail partner outlet, visiting a store is easy for them to do.

NOOK customers also share their devices with their children and spouses. While they are avid readers first and foremost, they are also voracious consumers of any content that matches their lifestyle: playing games, travel, organizing, social media, videos, magazines ... NOOK is their hub, whether they are at home or on the go.

Meet the family

NOOK HD and NOOK HD+ have been designed with families in mind, featuring enhanced parental controls and personalized profiles for every family member.
A single device may serve up apps to:


A modern, suburban mom, Julie reads several books a month, subscribes to several magazines and reaches for her NOOK device as a bit of an "escape." In addition to games, lifestyle and productivity apps for herself, she looks for high-quality educational books and apps to share with her children.


Julie's pragmatic husband has a demanding job and is focused on giving his kids the best possible future. He relies on NOOK to keep the information and tools he needs at his fingertips—newspapers, magazines, websites, sports blogs and apps ranging from NYY Baseball to Angry Birds to Louis Navallier's Stock of the Day.

Emma and Jake

At 4 and 8, Emma and Jake know how to tap on their profile to find fun, age-appropriate games as well as their favorite books and videos, while their parents enjoy the peace of mind of a safe, curated environment for their kids. And with children's apps organized by learning and development as well as age, new and exciting content is easy for everyone to find.

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