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Year after year, Barnes & Noble raises the bar with groundbreaking digital devices and an ever-expanding content ecosystem. For NOOK, what began as the most advanced and applauded eReader on the market has become the world's lightest and highest resolution HD tablet, delivering books, magazines, newspapers, games, apps, videos, music and more via a powerful, personalized discovery experience.

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NOOK® HD and NOOK HD+ tablets are redefining expectations not only for consumers, but for NOOK Apps developers as well, with more opportunity than ever to gain visibility and accelerate revenues.

Trusted and personalized content discovery

NOOK's powerful discovery engine and one-of-a-kind merchandising model present content to users based on their personal interests, unlocking the potential of thousands of high-quality apps that go underserved in other app stores.

A truly family-friendly experience

The ability to create multiple user profiles offers a personalized tablet experience to every family member, with carefully curated content recommendations, kid-appropriate environments and the broadest selection of kids apps uniquely organized by learning topic and age.

The most advanced digital reading experience

High-resolution, low-glare displays offer crisp visuals and wide viewing angles, enabling multiple viewers to enjoy content together and bringing your apps to life like never before.

The best and broadest content catalog

As the largest bookseller in the world, Barnes & Noble offers more than 3 million books, magazines, videos and apps, all organized intuitively for easy discovery of the content users are most likely to purchase.

Innovative retail tie-ins

Innovative promotions unique to each retail outlet offer ongoing opportunities for exposure throughout the US and UK.

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