Submit Your Apps

There are two stages to the NOOK app submission process: metadata review and technical review. Your metadata and APK are required to be present at the time of submission.

1. Metadata Review

When submitting your app, the first step is to input your Metadata. Be prepared to provide specific information about your app’s UI, as well as icons, screenshots, keywords and an app description. You will also be asked to select the regions, devices and app categories you want to target, and to decide app pricing for the targeted regions (US and/or UK).

To get started, click the "Add New Application" button on the Application Dashboard and fill in the fields on the Basics, Description, Keywords & Category, and Icons & Screenshots tabs, clicking “Save and Continue” as you complete each one.

Tip - Expedite approval by adhering to these metadata review guidelines:

  1. Your app must have an appropriate age recommendation and be categorized appropriately. We curate our app catalog and reject apps with questionable ratings or categorization. NOOK Media reserves the right to add or remove your app from a category if the app appears to be incorrectly categorized.
  2. The title of your application must not use special characters or superscripts (™, ©, non English letters, etc). These applications will be rejected.
  3. Screenshots must be of the app and not title, options, or information screens.

2. Technical Review

After your metadata is filled out, upload your app’s .APK file for evaluation by our QA team, who will test the application against the NOOK test and content criteria on the NOOK devices you identify as compatible with your app. Also ensure that it does not violate the agreements that you accepted during the registration and acceptance process. See the NOOK App Curation Guide as well as our Brand Guidelines to ensure your app is ready for approval.

  1. Click on the Application & Trial tab.
  2. Click on the button marked “Upload New”.
  3. Select your APK and click okay.
  4. Submit.

After your application has been approved, your app is curated for easy discovery and published to the NOOK Storefront. Your app will now be available for purchase by our millions of NOOK customers.

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