Prepare for Launch

Once you've been approved as a NOOK App Developer, get started preparing your apps for launch. Because the NOOK SDK is a simple add-on to the Android SDK, this is generally a quick and straightforward process.

Refer to the NOOK Developer Startup Guide for more detailed information on each step.

NOOK Apps Developer Policy

NOOK guidelines determine if an app is suitable for distribution through the NOOK Storefront. Before submitting an app, ensure that your app:

  1. Is not signed with a debug certificate.
  2. Does not specify installation to external storage. The manifest entry for install location cannot be set to prefer External.
  3. Is smaller than 100 MB. If your app exceeds that size, it’s rejected due to the APK size. If you need assistance in resizing your app, file a support ticket.
  4. Has a unique 300x300 pixel icon image. The icon cannot have a transparent background. If an icon has a white background, it must have a darker border.
  5. Does not access Android features not on a NOOK device .
  6. Doesn't duplicate the user interface of another mobile app platform.
  7. Is not ad supported and is not subscription based.
  8. Uses the SHOP Details API if it showcases or distributes your other NOOK apps. Also use the SHOP Details API to distribute or sell Barnes & Noble digital content through your app. Apps are rejected if they use external links or other methods to distribute your other apps or content within your app.
  9. Does not facilitate or enable library book lending or sharing.

Submit Your App

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