Market Your Apps

Never lost. Simply found.

NOOK uses an entirely unique approach to merchandising to ensure that consumers can find the apps they are looking for—and discover apps they never knew existed. Instead of getting buried in a sea of other apps, NOOK Apps are highlighted in intuitive categories and sub-categories, making more apps more visible to the customers most likely to purchase them.

Browsing and searching are only a small piece of the equation, however. Leveraging our powerful content discovery system, we actively merchandise apps alongside other content that matches our users' interests. And we put the muscle of thousands of retail stores, as well as website, email, social media and promotions behind your apps.

4 Simple Ways to Maximize Your Exposure on NOOK HD Tablets

  1. Provide a free trial version of your app(s).

    Users are presented with streams of carefully targeted sample content, based on their profiles and purchase history. In addition to possible inclusion in sample content, trial apps may also be featured in targeted promotions, and customers will be able to discover trial versions of your app when browsing in the NOOK Storefront.

  2. Make sure your apps appear in the appropriate categories and subcategories.

    Using a combination of human expertise and powerful algorithms, the NOOK team selects content for hundreds of curated lists—featuring apps alongside other content formats. By making sure your apps are properly categorized, and that your app descriptions, icons and screenshots highlight the strongest features of your app, you can maximize your exposure through NOOK Channels—and convert that exposure into sales.

  3. Make sure your kids' apps are properly curated.

    Because families are an important part of our audience, we’ve structured the Children NOOK Apps category around a scholastic model to ensure that high-quality educational content can be easily found. Parents and kids can find apps by learning and development topics as well as age, giving developers of children's apps unprecedented visibility to their target customer. Make sure your children's apps meet our Best Practices standards to ensure you can benefit from this opportunity.

  4. Take advantage of our multichannel marketing.

    Be part of our innovative in-store, online and on-device promotions for NOOK products through powerful retail partners in the US and UK. Contact us to explore marketing opportunities for your apps or become a NOOK App Developer now.