In-App Purchase for NOOK Apps

More ways to play. More ways to profit.

NOOK Developer has teamed up with leading mobile payment provider Fortumo to offer you unprecedented flexibility in how you monetize your apps. Attract customers and build loyalty by creating new ways to engage with your app. Increase revenue with paid levels, extra features, add-ins or credits. Whether you develop games or business apps, lifestyle or productivity apps, put in-app purchase (IAP) to work for you.

IAP is supported on NOOK HD, NOOK HD+, NOOK Color and NOOK Tablet.

Get Started Now

  1. Become an approved vendor with NOOK Developer

    You must be approved as a NOOK App Developer and NOOK vendor to sell your apps on NOOK. If you are new to the NOOK Developer program: Join Now OR Upgrade Your Account.

    Important: Once approved, you must submit your account information (identity, banking, and tax info) to set up your vendor account. This process may take up to 5 business days.

  2. Read the NOOK IAP documentation

    Read "Best Practices for In-App Purchase on NOOK" for detailed instructions and important guidelines on integrating IAP into your NOOK Apps.

  3. Register with Fortumo
    1. Set up your Fortumo account
    2. Create a "service" or series of services for each app you wish to update and submit the information requested in the Fortumo portal. You will be presented with an in-app purchase library (SDK) from Fortumo upon submission.

    Note: Fortumo approval may take up to 2 business days.

  4. Prepare and test your apps
    1. If your apps are not yet NOOK ready, read the Getting Started Guide for instructions to download the NOOK SDK Add-on and prepare your apps.
    2. Download the in-app purchase library (SDK) from Fortumo and follow Fortumo's instructions to integrate the library.

      Important: Do not proceed to step 5 until you have received the appropriate approvals from NOOK Developer and Fortumo. You must:

      • Be approved as a NOOK vendor
      • Have your service/s accepted by Fortumo
  5. Submit your apps to NOOK Developer

    Once you are set up as a vendor with NOOK Developer and your service has been approved by Fortumo:

    1. Log into NOOK Developer
    2. Agree to the In-App Purchase Amendment in the portal.
    3. Go to your Application Dashboard to submit your app for approval. You will need to:
      • Set the in-app purchase radio button to "Yes" if you have added IAP in your app.
      • Re-categorize your app if it was previously submitted into any Children's categories or subcategories. Read the documentation for further information.
  6. Receive extra marketing exposure on NOOK

    Submit your IAP enabled apps by no later than Friday, June 21, 2013 and receive two weeks of premium on-device marketing for your apps in the US and UK markets. Each developer will qualify for up to 3 promotional spots within curated app lists in each market.

  7. Join one of our upcoming Webinars to learn how to take full advantage of IAP on NOOK

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